Love and be killed.

1 Jun

Find what you love and let it kill you.

– Bukowski


1 year in Stockholm, Sweden changed many things, too many perhaps.

Y el primer día de junio, being in a foreign country (Santiago, Chile) yet again, propelled that erratic mood of mine to blow off the dust on this writing space.

Have been thinking if there is a need for this blog, since I am biased towards visuals over texts (tumblrtwitter and pinterest are where I have been hiding out over the past 1 year).

Bueno, I shall give myself a chance at this again.


time’s running out.

26 Dec

It’s official. The permit’s approved. The flight’s on 10th Jan.

*Panic attack*


21 Dec

Japanese brand leather luggage

Streamline Luggage - The Editor series

Streamline Luggage - The Producer series

What came out while I was researching on good luggage brands for my 1 year long trip this coming January.

A tad out of practicality (not a wise idea as check-in);  just going to feast the eyes with these beautifuls.


Sidetrack: The swedish residence permit’s not approved yet, its being 1 month +, this is worrying =X




19 Oct

…with Garance:



LoveMoschino Backstage by Garance


Video link here.

Very much in love with backstage shots and videos; so much more colors and actions to bask in!

Enjoying every single video by Garance.

Go to bliptv for her full archive!



24 Sep

its that time when one is overwhelmed with pressing issues that demands decisions to be made pronto.

a year in stockholm?

chop the hair even shorter? color it? straighten it?


to sweden or not!?



10 Sep


The other night, I popped pills for my cramps and within the next 5 minutes, my eyes started to itch the crap out of me.

The next half hour, they swell up to a considerable size; like a family of bees decided that’s the place for their new nest.

And the next hour, the pain and itch combined can only be described by the word f**k.

Note to self:

#1. Always remember what happened when you eat NUROFEN.
(Just last month, the same thing happened to me, in a milder condition which only 1 eye swell up, but I forgot about that and allowed history to repeat itself.)

#2. Stay away from NUROFENNUROFENNUROFEN. Period.

#3. Never try to counter the allergy with TOO MANY other pills; the after effect sucks big time.

#4. Just remember #1 and #2 and #3 won’t happen.

Funny how i have taken it for years and only started to develop allergy to it recently.

Now, I feel weak just having the thought of eating any kind of pills.


~ W.rose

circlecircle dotdot

5 Sep


My body just cannot resist throwing on anything with polka dots on, so anyone with a phobia towards circles or dots, my apologies!

However, a random bird said my blouse looks like pjs. HAHA